Automation-Assisted Work Cells for Composite Component Manufacture [Tech Paper]

Thu. October 18| 10:00 AM - 10:25 AM | Clear Fork - Ballroom D1

While composite fabrication technology continues to trend toward fully automated work cells, certain material systems, components, and/or processes are not good candidates for full automation. For example, some composite materials wrinkle too easily around tight tool radii or contours to be positioned by pick-and-place technology. Some component geometry is complex enough that an automated ply or fiber placement solution would be cost prohibitive. Such material systems, components, or processes may nevertheless benefit significantly from automation technologies that are integrated into manual operations through a robust human-machine interface (HMI). These ‘Automation-Assisted Work Cells’ are being developed and implemented to provide operators with adjustable, ergonomic and operator-specific tool positioning; laser projection and automatic inspection, both automatically coordinated with tool motion axes; ply backing accountability; workorder/recipe management including straightforward recipe generation and navigation; and integration with Manufacturing Information Systems. Work cell components, both hardware and software, and particulars of integration and implementation are described. An open-platform approach to accommodate future processes and component geometries is also discussed.

Type: Category: Advances in Automation & Affordable Manufacturing

Track: Manufacturing & Processing Technologies


Zweidler, Stephan

Zweidler, Stephan

Executive Director

Accudyne Systems, Inc.